Workforce Connect Fund

HR support grants for small business

Workforce Connect Fund Overview

workforce connectThis initiative aims to boost investment in industry and community-led projects addressing workforce challenges, including attraction, retention, and participation. It strives for systemic change to enhance outcomes for all stakeholders. 

Benefits for Employers

  • The Fund supports large-scale projects benefiting employers by providing resources like HR support, IT systems, and mentoring services.
  • Employers will access a broader talent pool, fostering diversity and skills development.
  • Projects standardise entry-level requirements, streamlining the hiring process
  • A network of industry workforce advisors helps employers address workforce gaps and connect with potential labour sources, including other DYJESBT programs.

Apply for Funding

  • Large-scale projects can secure funding up to $1 million, with each project to be delivered over a maximum 12-month term.
  • Small businesses with an immediate need to new and innovative HR solutions can apply for HR Support Grants up to $5,000 (subject to availability).


To be eligible, your business should meet certain criteria, including having fewer than 20 employees, an annual turnover of less than $10 million, and engagement with an Industry Workforce Advisor.

Application Process

Small businesses that have worked with Industry Workforce Advisors to develop a Workforce Plan identifying essential HR support needs can request an application form by emailing

For more information on the Workforce Connect Fund and how it can benefit your organisation, please download the fact sheet below.